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Not only can mental toughness provide an effective way to deal with stressors, it can also help individuals seek out opportunities for personal growth due to having a higher level of confidence in their own abilities.

Applying positive self-affirmations helps to create higher self-worth and higher self-esteem. Using this mindset and skill repeatedly increases your belief in your successes over your failures.

While mindfulness has many positive benefits, the ones that are most important when preventing holiday blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder are the decrease in emotional reactivity and stress.

The holidays are a beautiful time of year; quality time with family and friends, good food, time off from work, and gift-giving are all exciting prospects to which so many individuals look forward. As mentioned in our previous blog, the latter few months of the year c...

The holidays are approaching and, goodness, are they approaching quickly! Each year whips past with even more frenzied gusto than the one before and it seems we are never 100% prepared by the time November arrives. With age comes a fuller basket of responsibilities a...

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