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Goals and Grit

2017 has commenced and, with it, many of us have started tackling our New Year’s Resolutions! Whether they be to compete in a triathlon or undergo a “deep cleansing” of our house, we now build the foundation upon which to tackle those yearly goals. As many of us know (and referenced in our previous blog here), creating resolutions is only a first step. Far more “steps” are involved in maintaining those goals and truly integrating them into our lives. It’s completely possible to start off strong, but falter as daily responsibilities fight for attention. You’re not alone!

According to Forbes, only 8% of those who create New Year’s resolutions in any given year are successful; evidently, the journey gets tough for many (Selk, 2016). Discouragement and slip ups occur. It happens; it’s life! Now, you may wonder, how can you reach success? What does it take? We believe that one of the important predictors of your triumph is GRIT. Grit basically boils down to your passion for and perseverance in reaching long term goals. It’s the stamina to work diligently every day, through easy and tougher times. Essentially, Grit enables us to make our goals, our dreams, reality.

Grit plays an especially important role when we look to accomplish something new. It’s that tenacity we mentioned before, the ability to accept and learn from obstacles, that paves a path to success. How do we build Grit, then? Through Growth Mindset- the belief that our ability to learn is not static; we can adapt and grow with challenges and persevere through perceived failure. In the Growth Mindset, one does not believe failure is a permanent condition (Duckworth, 2013).

So, here we are, leading into a brand new year. The sparkle and allure of new aspirations may have begun to tarnish already: the workouts are harder, the veggies not as appealing, etc., etc. Remember, as we mentioned earlier, only 8% are predicted to reach their resolutions by year’s end. This may well seem frustrating and discouraging, but we must remind ourselves: we have the capacity to adapt our thinking and build our Growth Mindset. For example, we can tell ourselves: “my morning runs aren’t easy yet, but they are easier.”

When we fortify our mindset, so too do we fuel our Grit. Grittiness inevitably leads to greatness. Here are some TOPPS Tips to assist you in mustering that Grit:

  1. Find Your Fuel: Remind yourself of/find the passion for an activity in which you partake or want to accomplish. This helps you stick with said activity!

  2. Practice Patience: Hard work requires time and commitment. You must continuously work at your dreams and be patient with yourself; this develops strength in the face of adversity.

  3. Gritty Greatness: Social support allows us to persevere and succeed during strife; when you add gritty social support, however, you surround yourself with the power of camaraderie. The inspiration will push you to unprecedented levels. Join us for Fit Therapy on Saturday mornings at 9am if you need to bolster your social support (details here).

No matter your resolutions, a solid foundation upon which to build them is key. Social support is key. Internal motivation is key. TOPPS is here to assist you in unlocking your success.

For more information and resources follow us on Facebook @TXOPPS & Twitter @TOPPSTIP.


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