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Texas Optimal Performance & Psychological Services

At TOPPS, we excel in boosting mental health and optimizing performance through specialized sport psychology, executive coaching, and comprehensive mental health services.

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About Us

Texas Optimal Performance & Psychological Services

TOPPS is committed to meeting the unique needs of our clients seeking to improve their mental health, as well as their athletic, social, academic, and professional performance. We work with individuals, families, teams, and groups. At TOPPS we work with each client to develop customized performance and treatment plans and recognizes the inherent abilities of our clients and embraces a strength-based approach in order to maximize those abilities.


Our Team


TOPPS has a passion for performance enhancement and life skill development among athletes, parents, coaches, and executives. Our programs focus on the importance of transferring mental skills training to all aspects of an individual’s life. TOPPS develops and integrates personalized mental skills training programs to all clients.


TOPPS believes in the importance of assisting clients in their explorations of self. Our goal is to assist you in having "lightbulb” moments. We adapt our therapeutic approach to address your individual needs, combining research-based treatment models to meet your goals and needs.

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