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Corporate Wellness

Elevating Leadership, Teamwork, and Career Growth

TOPPS values all aspects of performance and well-being. We understand that working in a team environment presents a unique set of challenges. Our goal is to assist executives and businesses in harnessing their professional passion to become respected leaders in their industries. We are also dedicated to supporting entry- and mid-level professionals as they hone the skills necessary to advance their careers.


TOPPS programs assist in increasing motivation, communication, focus, positive mental health, and more! Our services meet the needs of individuals, work teams and organizations. TOPPS is ready to help develop great leaders, enhance your team cohesion and maximize workplace positivity.

Team Meeting


Each month TOPPS provides a free workshops to locally-owned businesses in the Austin area - including talks on how to improve happiness, increase motivation, manage burnout, and change unhealthy thoughts that keep you from reaching your goals. Contact us if you'd like to schedule a talk for your next staff meeting or professional development.

Individual Coaching - $200/hour

Team Coaching - $500+/hour

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