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Sport Psychology

Performance Enhancement & Life Skill Development

TOPPS has a passion for performance enhancement and life skill development among athletes, parents, coaches, executives and students. Our programs focus on the importance of transferring mental skills training to all aspects of an individual’s life. TOPPS develops and integrates personalized mental skills training programs to all clients. The core of our performance services emphasize a balanced mind and body.

At TOPPS, we understand that investing in your mental health and performance is a significant decision. Our services are competitively priced, ranging from $100 to $250 per session, depending on the provider and specific service requested. We strive to offer flexible options to accommodate various needs and budgets, ensuring that everyone has access to the support they deserve. Your well-being and success are our top priorities, and we are committed to providing exceptional value through our personalized and expert care.

Our pricing for teams and organizations is customized based on the specific services and contract terms. This ensures you receive tailored support that fits your goals and budget, delivering optimal value and results.

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High School Basketball Game


Individuals will meet one-on-one to assist in developing their player’s playbook. All clients receive a personalized plan to enhance their overall performance. Individuals will learn a variety of mental skills and TOPPS TIPS, including: goal setting, communication, motivation, confidence, energy management, focus and control, relaxation and visualization.


TOPPS understands the importance of team unity. We believe in the strength of the coach/athlete relationship and focus on integrating into the team system. Our goal is to become another coach on your team. We will meet with coaches to collaborate on team goals and assist in working towards a successful season. Athletes will meet as a team to assist in overall team goals, team cohesion, communication, confidence and overall performance enhancement.

Game Over
Young Basketball Coach


TOPPS values the time coaches commit to developing their athletes to succeed in all areas of life. The stress and demands can distract us from our own mental skills development. We are here to help you harness your mental skills to assist in enhancing your coaching game.  At TOPPS we offer a variety of services for our coaches ranging from individual plans and coaching workshops to assisting in teaching coaches how to implement life skills into their coaching and enhance positive youth development.


TOPPS offers parent workshops to assist in developing and understanding mental skills utilized in your child’s athletics. Our goal is for our athletes to utilize mental skills in training and competition and transfer them to other domains in life. We believe in the importance of positive youth development. We encourage parents to participate in mental skills training and model skills for their child. We provide educational workshops to help create the best environment for your child to excel on and off the field.

Parents and Daughter
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