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Psychological Services

TOPPS believes in the importance of assisting clients in their explorations of self. Our goal is to assist you in having "lightbulb” moments. We adapt our therapeutic approach to address your individual needs, combining research-based treatment models to meet your goals and needs.


Through your therapeutic journey, we will assist you in developing skills that provide you with the awareness and strength to find passion and light in your life endeavors. We find power and strength in building a strong relationship with each of our clients. Our approach is unique and incorporates the mind and body.


TOPPS provides individual and couples counseling for adults. In addition, we provide adolescent and family therapy.  Our fee for a typical 50-minute therapy session is $200. We also provide psychological testing services and consultation.  For more information about the testing we provide, see our testing page.


TOPPS does not accept insurance for treatment, though we are happy to provide you with a monthly statement of billing that you can submit for reimbursement.  Please note that if an insurance claim is filed for your session, we are required to give you a mental health diagnosis which must be deemed “serious enough” by your provider to warrant therapy.  Once a claim has been filed with your insurance company, we cannot guarantee confidentiality and your diagnosis becomes a permanent part of your medical record.  We recommend you speak with your provider to get pre-authorization before beginning treatment.


We understand that therapy is a commitment and it is sometimes overwhelming and frightening to even think about the process. We are here to help make the process more comfortable.  If you’re not sure you’re ready for long-term, weekly counseling, take a look at our short-term Collaborative Therapeutic Assessments, which can provide relatively quick answers to questions that have been puzzling you.  These assessments take advantage of psychological tests that can give us a better understanding of how you work.  For more information about Collaborative Therapeutic Assessments visit our testing page.


Interested in learning more?  Vist our TOPPS TIP blog that provides up-to-date research and information on an array of topics that may help answer questions, provide you with knowledge, and give you new skills to try.


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