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Mind & Muscle Fusion

Elevate Your Performance, Power Your Well-being

Are you ready to take your performance to the next level while powering up your overall well-being? We have an exciting opportunity for you and your teammates to join one of our Mind & Muscle Fusion Sport Therapy Group!

At Mind & Muscle Fusion, we believe that true excellence in sports comes not only from physical strength but from mental fortitude and emotional balance. Our cutting-edge program is designed to equip athletes like you with the skills and techniques to elevate your performance on the field, court, or track, while nurturing your mental and emotional resilience off it.

Find 2-5 same age athletes or even better 2-5 of YOUR teammates to join you in elevating your mental game.

Select one of our groups below and contact us now to get started!


20 group sessions


Group sport therapy offers a dynamic and effective way to achieve mental and emotional well-being while building essential life skills.

1 on 1 Session Add On


If you are a member of a Mind and Muscle Fusion but feel you will benefit from additional individual time-you can always add on and individual session at any time


10 group sessions


Athletes will learn key skills to unlock their potential on and off the field. Workbooks provided for all athletes


5 group sessions


Variety of skills are taught and personalized per group. Examples:

  • goal setting

  • communication

  • visualization

  • emotional regulation

  • problem solving

  • performance routines

Groups of 2-5 athletes

virtual or in person: 50 minutes



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