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Psychological Testing


Psychological evaluations are a collaborative process to answer questions about you/your child. Individuals may seek a psychological evaluation for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons for seeking assessments are:


-- determine an appropriate diagnosis

-- establish eligibility for special education or 504 services

-- get to the root of a particular behavioral, learning, or emotional problem

-- learn more about yourself or your child. 


Evaluations can determine diagnoses, treatment, and educational programming for years to come. Due to their long-reaching impact, we encourage you to think of evaluations as an investment in you/your child’s future. At TOPPS, doctoral level psychologists conduct all evaluations. Our staff have several years’ experience conducting evaluations. Our pricing reflects the high level of training and quality of our evaluations. 


The steps to an evaluation at TOPPS are as follows:

1.     Intake ($225 for 90-minute intake with your psychologist). During this intake, you will provide developmental history and summarize current concerns. You and your psychologist will establish the goals for your assessment. After this initial session your psychologist will evaluate and compile a list of psychological tests that will be beneficial for the assessment and you will receive a proposal that will include an estimated cost of testing.


2.     Assessment ($150 per hour of assessment). Your psychologist will meet with you/your child for individualized assessment. Each assessment will be tailored to the specific needs of you/your child. The assessment may include:

-- IQ testing

-- academic testing

-- interviews

-- drawing

-- responding to open-ended prompts

-- sharing reactions to different images, rating scales

-- activities on the computer such as a continuous performance task. 

Most assessments take between 5-10 hours of 1:1 time with the psychologist.


3.     Written Report ($150 per hour of writing time). Your psychologist prepares a comprehensive written report that includes specific recommendations. We do not use templates, so each report is completely unique to your case. This report serves as important documentation for other health professionals and is often required to receive specific accommodations or services. 


4.     Feedback session ($150 per hour). Your psychologist meets with you to review the evaluation results in person. Psychological reports can be easily misinterpreted. Thus, we require that you meet in person with your psychologist in order for the report to be released to you. Upon parental request, we can include your child in the feedback session and/or explain the results to your child in an easy to understand way. 

Common evaluation questions:

  • Why does my child struggle with behavior at school but not at home? (or vice versa)

  • Does my child have a learning or attention related disorder, or are they lacking motivation to be successful?

  • What is the root cause of my child’s struggles in school?

  • I’ve been struggling with organization and attention all my life, and it is starting to catch up to me at work/school. Do I have ADHD?

  • Can my child receive 504 accommodations or special education services at school? (although schools typically conduct their own evaluations, they may choose to use a part of an outside evaluation. An independent assessment may expedite the evaluation process in obtaining services for your child. In addition, you can be sure that a highly trained professional is evaluating your child by using psychologists at TOPPS). 


Insurance: Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not cover psychological testing, and those that do will only reimburse a portion of the costs.  We recommend that you contact your insurance company to determine benefits and get pre-authorization before scheduling an appointment.  At TOPPS we do not accept insurance, but we are happy to provide you with a coded billing statement that you can file with your insurance company for reimbursement for seeing an out-of-network provider. 

For more information about the nature of psychological assessments, please see American Psychological Association website.

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